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Hero to Hero was started as an app from a working police officer to be used as a trustworthy and useful information source to all professional Swedish day to day heroes - our protectors that work within the police force, customs, guards and other important actors in the society,

To all police officers, both those that are professionals and also to those that are busy with their studies there is information and tools within the app that can be used in their daily job as well as during studies. To all other professionals within other professions and for the public we offer updated news as well as information of how to keep protected from crime.

At a beginning the bracelet ”Thin Blue Line” was made and sold to colleagues where the respons was very positive and more colleagues wanted to support the project with the app by purchasing the bracelet. As time passed it became a bigger success and other people wanted us to make bracelets for their professions. Thats when we made bracelets for the military, ambulance, coast guard and so on. We strive to continuously offer new models and our goal is to be able to offer a bracelet for each profession.

A common question we ofter get is ”who is allowed to wear your bracelets?”

For us, anyone that wants to show their support to our daily heroes are allowed to wear our bracelet. You don't need to be active within one of the professions that we offer, we have customers that buy a bracelet to honor their parent that did military duty but also customer that order because they simply think it is a very nice bracelet.

How do you show support by buying a bracelet? We have collections when a colleague is hurt in duty and give part of the profit to charity. The company is founded and still operated by a police officer that still serves 100 % his regular job.

Why Hero to Hero? Thanks to the big success in Sweden people from other countries started to ask if we could offer bracelets with their own flags as well. We started to think of how to best implement the same idea in other countries and thats where our idea of heroes giving something to other heroes was born.

Our goal is to be able to offer bracelets worldwide. .

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