Imagine a fallen hero's family and peers receiving thousands of custom sympathy cards from all over the nation.

   Funeral of Officer Richard Lawn, killed in the line of duty
Hero to Hero, Inc. was founded by Lower Providence Township Police Department Sergeant Jim Crawford, a twenty-year veteran police officer who, as a member of his police department's Honor Guard Unit and Motorcycle Unit, as well as an associate member of the local fire department in the township he serves, has taken part in numerous funeral ceremonies for police and firefighters killed in the line of duty.

In 1988, the first police funeral attended by Sgt. Crawford as an Honor Guard member was that of Officer Edward M. Setzer of the Lower Merion Township Police Department, Pennsylvania. Sgt. Crawford was a rifleman in his agency's Honor Guard Unit and the sights and sounds of the funeral had a profound affect on him.

       Sergeant Jim Crawford with some children

Sgt. Crawford wanted a way to honor the sacrifice of our fallen heroes killed in the line of duty when he was unable to attend the funerals because of his work schedule, distance to the funeral, and costs that prohibit traveling. Sgt. Crawford created a dual custom sympathy card system designed to display your organization's patch, logo or photograph and took it one step further by including a donation to several nonprofit organizations specifically designed to assist the families of our fallen heroes. The card system is then mailed to the agency that suffered a line of duty death.

The custom sympathy card system consists of a large card for our hero's peers and a smaller card enclosed in it to be hand delivered to our hero's family by a representative of the agency that suffered the line of duty death.

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